Gary and Tracey Du Val are the owners of FJ de la Haye

Gary trained as an apprentice Joiner when he left school. He spent the first year learning how to select the right wood for the right job, under the watchful eye of his mentor. Only when he had mastered this vital skill, was he allowed to start using the tools as a bench hand. Nine years later Gary had a chance discussion with the owner of F J De La Haye & Son, Mr Norman De La Haye. Following their chat, Gary joined the Company in 1986 and together with Mr De La Haye, built on the success of the joinery side of the business. Fifteen years later, in 2001, Norman announced his retirement and Gary and his wife Tracey bought the company. The business continued to grow, which required Tracey to leave her career in finance and join the Construction industry. She enjoys helping to run FJ de la Haye and she hasn’t looked back!

Both Gary and Tracey share a passion for craftsmanship and take great pride in working with a fantastic hard working team. All of the craftsmen at FJ de la Haye have a strong work ethic, great integrity and a desire to produce high quality work.  Gary and Tracey are proud to have maintained the original working system, which Gary learnt back in 1977, in that every craftsman is responsible for their job from start to finish.

Gary Du Val

Excellence in hand-crafting high quality joinery remains very much at the forefront of our business model.  We are excited for the future and are encouraged that more and more clients are taking the view that handcrafted bespoke items are worth investing in, as they can last for generations, representing good value for money.

Tracey Du Val

We hope that you enjoy looking around our website and perhaps get some inspiration for your next project. We look forward to working with you.