Classic Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen

Handcrafted to our Clients own specification

Our Client had put a considerable amount of time and effort in deciding how they were going to refurbish and style their home.  We were asked to handcraft furniture based upon sketches that our Client had already completed.  From these images we were able to transform their concept into reality with stunning results, achieving their required handcrafted and handpainted Kitchen for todays contemporary living.    

Main Features:

  • Sweet and Savoury Larder units designed for all the Family
  • Storage areas arranged for certain food items
  • Unit height crafted to facilitate ease of use by all members of the Family
  • Wine storage unit specifically made to accomodate 50 bottles
  • Waney edged Chestnut worktops
  • Seating area incorporated into the Island
  • Whicker baskets on soft close runners

Once the Kitchen was complete, our Clients affectionately gave the Island unit a new name, "the Continent".  Having such a large piece of furniture sitting in an equally large room has meant that the Continent can quite happily allow for the Family to all participate in the preparation of both their everyday and entertaining needs without getting in each others way. 

Creating a signature kitchen requires craftsmanship that is derived at from years of experience. It is craftsmanship that is the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary.